Nieuw: Snelheidsrecords op Gecorrigeerde Tijd

29 april 2021 - De wereld van zeilrecords heeft iets nieuws: IRCRecords introduceert snelheidrecords op gecorrigeerde tijd die je met je eigen jacht onder de IRC-rating kan najagen. Meer informatie in het Engels.

For decades record-setting in sailing has been dominated by adventurers, pioneers, eccentrics and, in recent years, pro-sailing teams in custom built machines.

A new platform will enable any skipper and crew to use their yacht and its rating, to attempt a record course and then see their new benchmark time published.

Bringing a new concept to the world of sailing, ‘Corrected Time Records’ enables a new category of sailing record which is launching with the platform. Attempts will be calculated and ratified using the ‘International Rating Certificate’ system (IRC). Having a record that is based on corrected time rather than the more traditional elapsed time, allows teams to compete on a level playing field.

  • Bringing you the thrill of making and breaking records
  • Compete with your own equipment
  • ‘Corrected Time Records’ allow boats of different shapes and sizes to compete on a level playing field
  • Double Handed and Fully Crewed classes
  • Fully tracked and audited ratification process

More information: click here


X-Yachts Cup Zeeland tijdens Deltaweekend 2021

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